New R&D Mixtape:

My brother Rufus and I just dropped our first mixtape, recorded at Flatline studio. I drew the the album art with markers and pen.  (download link below)

Rufus Smalltownz & Dusty Fox are Research & DevelopmentR&DTracklist:

4. 03:08
9. 03:45
Props and much love to everyone who helped us with the album.
Recording, mix/master, and redesign by Alexander Devine @ Flatline Studios. Portland, USA




GSG Photography Studios Mural

I had the opportunity to do some work over at GSG photography studios recently.  Gino, the man behind the lens was looking for a graffiti inspired backdrop to shoot models in front of.  Turns out I have some experience in that realm…

GSGGino also did this really cool photo/digital mash-up of me in front of the mural after I finished.

Shouts to Forest for the stylistic inspiration.

Art the Box 2013

I was really honored to be one of three artists selected by the city of Eugene to paint 5 traffic control boxes throughout the city as a part of the Art the Box 2013 initiative.  My series aims to capture the energy of the city of Eugene, its colorfulness, its vibrancy, its inherent motion and movement. The work is thematically linked from box to box by similar shapes representing a flow of energy throughout the city.  Colors are chosen to reflect each boxes immediate visual surroundings so that each piece becomes part of the energetic landscape it is meant to represent.

The following images are mock-up designs from my proposal to the city:

post box prop Untitled-1

So far I’ve completed painting on 3 boxes:

pearl Oak Gif olive

Elementary School Mural

I teamed up with some alternative high school students to design and paint a mural at a Portland elementary school.  We had two 5th grade art classes draw imagery which we collected, painted and thematically linked.  It was a great team effort by all involved, hopefully the mural is enjoyed for many years to come.

The tile of the piece is Brainstorm.



Brooklyn Community Garden Mural

I have the privilege of having a community garden directly behind my house.  I was honored to be asked to create a mural for their shed.  Work is slated to begin after a month long fundraising campaign.  Each of the images below represents one of the sides of the shed.  (Note: only 3 sides are being painted as the back side is not visible from the garden)

North West South